Memorial Day Weekend Fit Tips

Don’t get off track, kick off your summer fitness goals right!

With a long weekend celebrating memorial day, barbecues, and picnics…it can be easy to start summer a little off track. Let’s do it differently this summer, here are my top tips to kick off your summer FIT!

Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial kick-off of summer. Which can mean summer parties, drinking, and fun. Sure, it can be tougher to stay committed to your goals, but it doesn’t have to be impossible!

Food is surely the biggest challenge year round, and with parties, picnics, and BBQ s it can get even tougher. Don’t panic…just be prepared!

Bring a dish! Instead of hoping for a good option to eat, bring one! If you are going to a party or the beach, bring a healthy dish to eat. A veggie or fruit tray, with an easy protien (bring some marinated chicken to grill, lean deli slices rolled up and ready to eat, beef and veggie skewers). All it takes is a little preparation. This way, you know for sure you will have a healthy option that you and everyone can enjioy!

Don’t be hungry. Always have a healthy meal or snack before a party, beach day, or picnic. That way you never show up starving ready to eat any unhealthy food in sight!

Watch the alcohol. Unfortunately, alcohol is full of empty calories and just not healthy. However, I know most of us like to have a drink or two when we socialize. Just aim to keep it light, try not to go overboard, drink a water between each drink, and don’t let alcohol effect your eating habits!
Best choices to sip on: red wine, white wine, vodka, lite beer.
**Drinking liquor? Keep it low calorie with soda water, lemon/limes, etc. Skip the sodas/diet drinks or juices which pack a major calorie/chemical punch.

Get in a sweat session! The best thing for your body is to get sweaty and active, so plan to get in workout before every party. Wake up, sweat it out, and then you will be more likely to make good choices, and your body will be in a better mode to burn the extra calories as fuel, not store it as fat. Even if it is just a quick 10-20 minute HIIT/Sprint/Weight Circuit, make it happen!

So, use this kickoff to summer as a kickoff to new health and fitness goals.
Set your goal to be active daily, eat healthy food for fuel, and live a balanced healthy life!

If you indulge some, don’t stress. Everyone needs a treat meal, unwind now and then. What is important is that you don’t let it go on for days and days, and you get back to your workouts and healthy eating after the party is over.


My Top 4 Tips to Tone Up Before Your Wedding

tone up before your wedding!

Hey ladies! So, if you follow me on FaceBook, or Instagram, you most likely know that I recently got engaged! So, I am here to share my tops tips for how you can tone up before your wedding!

Using these tips will help you feeling AMAZING for your big day. Hey, even if you are not a bride, you wanna look and feel amazing right?! These tips will help you do that.

My Top 4 Tips to Tone Up Before Your Wedding

  1. Plan your wedding and your workouts!
    Take a few minutes to sit down every Sunday to plan our your workouts. WHAT you will do and WHEN you will do them. Write out a week of workouts, and assign each a day and time that will actually work.
    Then take a quick progress picture every few weeks to keep you on track! #sweatingforthewedding!
  2. Meal prep and chill!
    As a busy bride, I know how the day can go. We get lost in work, errands, and planning…then we forget to eat or eating something unhealthy because it was the quickest option. If you wanna keep burning fat, keep your skin healthy, and keep your energy up…girl you gotta plan those meals and workouts! My hubby-to-be and I do a meal prep and chill night on Sundays…we watch our favorite TV show, talk, laugh, and meal prep some lunches and snacks for the week. Or even if you just make extra at dinner time, then take a minute to pack some leftovers from your healthy dinner. Keep breakfast simple, just set aside fruit and protein for a smoothie in the morning, have some almonds ready to go for a quick snack in your purse. Or at the very least, plan where and what you will eat while you are running around. Even if you have to get fast food, you can still make a healthy choice!
  3. Sweat it out in the AM.
    If you put that workout off till after work, we know after a busy day of work, planning, meetings, tastings and making decisions will end up leaving you unmotivated to get that workout in. But YOU are the BRIDE, make sure your goals and your health first. So, wake up and get in a quick HIIT or weight circuit workout first thing in the AM. It’s the best way to burn fat, get your metabolism running, and you will feel awesome all day!
  4. Don’t forget your WATER!
    Brides, I get it. We are so busy running around trying to fit in work, wedding planning, time with our hubby-to-be, and social lives…I am tired just typing that. However, we gotta make sure we are taking care of ourselves. And that includes drinking enough water, everyday. When you’re hydrated, your metabolism is faster, digestion is better, energy is up, and your hair, skin and nails will look better! All pluses for wedding planning and the big day! I make sure to start the day with a big glass of water as soon as I wake up, and then I always have my water bottle with me.

Zucchini Taco Boats

Zucchini Taco Boats

This simple, yummy, recipe is perfect for dinner, leftover lunches, even a party!



Meat: Simply take lean ground beef or turkey, add to a skillet, add some cilantro, Mrs. Dash fiesta lime seasoning, and cumin. Once beef starts to brown, add chopped peppers and onions, then a can of rinsed black beans. Cook all until done, about 20 minutes.







While meat is finishing cooking, make zucchini boats! Cut zucchini in half, use a spoon to scoop out the insides. Line a baking dish with tin foil, add zucchinis.






Add the meat mix, a little bit of cheese, and bake covered with foil on 400 for about 30 minutes. Until zucchinis are tender and fork can pierce.

Serve with some guacamole and Pico De Gallo!