About Me

I am Alexis Starr McLean Sisk. I am a NASM Personal Trainer, NASM Women’s Fitness Specialist, NASM Senior Fitness Specialist, and Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach.  I’m a wife+ doggie mom who lives in Carolina Beach, NC with my husband and 4 rescue dogs.


Why Am I A Personal Trainer?

At 18 years old I was 5’5 and over 200lbs. I was unhealthy, unhappy, and depressed. I had never been active and had struggled with weight since elementary school. I lived off fast food, soda, and never exercised. I was on social anxiety and anti-depression medication, with no self-confidence or passion in my life. I had tried diets and workouts but it was always too hard, and I never got results, so I would always give up. I could not go to the gym due to my lacking self-confidence.

Finally, I realized I didn’t need a gym or strict diets. I could do this MY WAY! Actually, my Dad’s way. I moved in with him right before college and he helped me get in shape and learn how to be healthy. Once I started to see results I was hooked! Over the course of one summer, I lost about 80lbs and was finally becoming a healthy and happy person. This was all without any drastic measures…simply healthy eating and exercising in my bedroom or our garage gym about 30-40min a few times a week. I lost 80lbs without ever stepping foot in a gym! I was able to stop taking all medication, my skin cleared up, I had more energy…I found a passion that got me out of bed in the morning! 

Fast forward and it is almost 10 years later (dang I am getting OLD) and I am now a healthy, happy, fit and confident person. I kept my weight off and learned to live a healthy life. When I was 21 I decided that I would love nothing more than to be able to help others get the results that changed my life. So I became a NASM certified personal trainer, later got my specialization in women’s fitness, then my certification with precision nutrition. I train clients in person at the CB recreation center gym and online with my online boot camps and plans. 

My mission is to help busy women who have not been active or been able to get the results they want, achieve a healthy lifestyle. I am so passionate about health and fitness that it really makes up my life…in fact it saved my life in a lot of ways. From my personal struggles with weight and healthy living, I know how hard it can be to get on track. I have lived this first hand and feel blessed I can now use my experience and knowledge to help as many people as I can get healthy in a fun way that works for them!


Dedication: Without my Dad, none of this could be possible. He sparked my passion for fitness, helped me get in shape, and become the happy healthy person I am today. I love you, Dad!

“I’m already there
Take a look around
I’m the sunshine in your hair
I’m the shadow on the ground
I’m the whisper in the wind
I’m your imaginary friend
And I know I’m in your prayers
Oh I’m already there”