Clean Eating

If you follow my posts, recipes, and IG page, you have heard me talk about clean eating. Well, do you know what clean eating really is?

I consider healthy eating and clean eating to be the same. This is not a diet, it is a lifestyle and just a health way of living. It is simply eating mostly whole, unprocessed, nutritious foods, and keeping treat/processed food to a minimum.

This means that you focusing on eating foods that are real, from the ground or from an animal, that have not been process or just minimally processed. For instance, protien likes chicken, carbs like sweet potatoes, and of course veggies and fruits.

Clean eating also means you try to cut back on anything that is processed…fast foods, sugary foods, refined foods/grains, etc. Anything you would consider an “unhealthy” food, probably fits here.

What is a processed food? The best way to think of it, processed foods are foods with an ingredients list. The more ingredients, and/or the more ingredients you cannot pronounce, the more it is processed and unhealthy. When you process a food, it changes the natural form, they add sugars, preservatives, etc. and generally just make it unhealthy to taste good.

Back to clean eating! Why do we eat clean??

Clean eating/healthy eating not only helps you lose/maintain weight, but it is healthier for your body period. Less chances of disease and illness, lack of energy, etc. that comes with eating those unhealthy foods. You will be slimmer, healthier, better skin, hair, nails…the list goes on.

How do I learn to clean eating?

First, start focusing your meals on real whole foods. Start with protien like chicken, fish, beef, then add in lots of veggies. This will help keep you full and healthy. Then add in some healthy carbs like sweet potatoes, yams, etc. and fruits. Don’t forget to add in some healthy fats, like avocado.

There are some other clean eating foods to include:

  • legumes
  • eggs
  • nuts
  • oatmeal
  • quinoa

The list goes on and on. There are endless amounts of recipes, healthy and YUMMY meals you can make, clean eating does not have to be boring!

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