Fitness motivation

Fitness motivation

I recently went out of town for a long weekend, and due to a busy schedule before the trip, it felt more like taking two weeks off! Although we had a blast on vacation, it is time to get my fitness motivation back on track! If your fitness motivation is lacking after a break, use these helpful tips to get back on track.

My top tips for getting back on track:

1. Start the morning after you get back! Even if it is not the first day of the week, that does not mean you need to wait! Whatever day you return from your trip, plan to do a least a little something to start getting back on track and renew your fitness motivation the next day.

2. Start the morning with a big glass of water, some movement, and a healthy breakfast (keep it simple with a fruit/veggie loaded protein shake). This for me is key to getting back on track, starting the morning off in the healthiest way possible. A big glass of water to wake up, and even if I don’t have the time for a full workout some stretching, jumping jacks, or any movement will do the trick. Then to keep it quick and easy, big protein shake loaded with healthy ingredients.

3. Plan and prepare! I write down my to-do list, including my workouts. I plan out my week, decide on my foods, and plan to do my meal prep. I also sit down and write out a goal list, I want to do 5 workouts a week, eat veggies at every meal, and drink at least a ½ gallon of water daily. I put this goal list on the bathroom mirror, and remind myself I can do it every morning! This gets me focused on what I NEED to do, and then I am prepared to tackle my week.

4. Drink lots of water, do your workouts, and eat healthy! The best way to get back on track is just to jump into it! Start your first day back with lots of water, get in a good sweaty workout, and eat lots of healthy veggies and lean protein.
Finding your fitness motivation after a week or so off can be hard. After time off you can be less than motivated to get back to the daily routine but you can do it!

Follow these easy tips (even if it is weeks after your trip, start in the morning!) and get your motivation running.

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Fitness motivation
Fitness motivation

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