Gym Exercises

Gym Exercises

The Best Women’s Gym Exercises

Ladies, let’s face it. We are super busy, just getting to the gym can be hard enough (check out my home workouts here for when you can’t make it) and I know that we want to get the most out of our workouts when we are there. So, I wanted to share my favorite gym exercises, the best ones to focus on if you want to maximize your gym time for ultimate fat blasting and toning.

As a personal trainer, both online and in person, I focus on helping my clients get the best workout, in the shortest time. It has been shown time and time again, you don’t need to spend hours in the gym to get the results you want. I have found that when I stopped bouncing from exercise to exercise, and focused on a few main lifts, I started to tone up and get the results I was after.


gym exercises
gym exercises

If you focus on these gym exercises, you will blast fat, build muscle, and get the body you want. I do 3-4 sets of each exercise, and I always throw a cardio move (high knees, butt kicks, jumping jacks, etc.) in between sets for maximal fat blasting effect.

My top favorite gym exercises:
• Dumbbell Incline Chest Press
• Leg Press
• Lat Pull Down
• Barbell squat
• Dumbbell Incline Chest Fly
• Hamstring Curl
• Seated Row


These gym exercises (some you can even do at home) are the main ones I use during my own workouts, and with my clients. They target the large muscle groups, which blast fat and burn major calories. For a few workout options, pick 2-3 upper body and 2-3 lower body moves and do 3-4 sets of each for a complete full body workout. Alternative between upper body and lower body moves, and add a cardio move between sets, for a fat blasting workout.


Now, there are lots of different gym exercises that I left out. For instance, you can also add these 4 moves into your workout for even better results. I would add them towards the end of your various workouts, to finish off your legs/arms.

• Barbell Front lunge
• Barbell Back lunge with front squat grip
• Triceps Push Down
• Cable Bicep Curls


Need help creating your own gym workout routine? I can create a customized gym or home workout program to fit your goals, time, and life. Fill out the form below for more information!


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