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Finding motivation for your own health and fitness goals.


Ladies, I know it can be hard to find motivation to go after your health and fitness goals. Where do you start? How do you start? It can be overwhelming. Sure, you want to fit into your clothes, feel good, be healthier…but finding the motivation to actually do something about your health and fitness (or lack thereof) can be hard!

I was once over 200lbs, so obviously I know what it is like to lack motivation. Here are my top tips for finding your own health and fitness motivation!

Health and Fitness Motivation:

Tip #1: Cute workout outfit! This one might only apply to us ladies, but my first tip is buy some cute workouts clothes that make you feel good, and even a cute water bottle to go with (and track your daily water intake). Nothing is more motivational than having a cute workout outfit that makes you WANT to work out, and a nice bottle that will help you get your water intake up. Hey, health and fitness is about feeling good, inside and out.
Tip #2: Create a small, reachable goal. Instead of starting with I want to lose 100lbs, start with I want to lose 10lbs. Or better yet, don’t start with a weight loss goal, instead have a goal to walk 3 times this week, and/or replace 3 unhealthy meals with healthy ones. Then work up to a goal of 5 20mintue workouts a week, and 5 healthy meals. Having these smaller goals can help you find and keep motivation.
Tip #3: Know and write down your WHY. The deeper your reason is for finding your health and fitness motivation, the more likely you are to stick with it. Maybe you want to run around the beach you’re your kids, maybe you want to have more energy for actives with friends/spouse, maybe you want more confidence, or to battle a health issue…whatever your WHY is, make it count and write it down somewhere that you will look at every day.

Tip #4: Make a workout plan (something you can actually stick too) and follow it. If you don’t know what workout to do, or when to do it, how can you keep your motivation running? Having a step by step, day by day, workout plan is the key to staying motivated. Need help with creating a workout plan to follow…that is what my online boot camps are for!

Tip #5: Take just 10 minutes! Sometimes it is hard to find the motivation to start that workout, but if you just tell yourself…okay I will just take 10 minutes…often times by the end of that 10 minutes you are ready to finish your full workout, and keep going! If not, hey 10 minutes is better than nothing.
Tip #6: “People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.” – Zig Ziglar. Just like everything else you have to make motivation a habit. Look at your why daily, lay out your cute workout outfit at night, review your workout plan and pick a time to do it, and look at motivational images, quotes, etc. daily!


I hope that these tips will help you find some health and fitness motivation…you can do it.


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health and fitness
health and fitness

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