Home Workout

Home Workout

How to find motivation for your home workout!

As many of you know, I was once over 200lbs. I was uncomfortable, unhappy, and insecure…not to mention unhealthy. Off and on I had tried the gym, body pump classes at Golds, yoga, even working with a trainer to show me how to do the moves. I just DID NOT feel confident enough to go back, once I even pulled into the parking lot, walked into the gym, and walked into the bathroom and right back to my car. I couldn’t bring myself to work out in front of people, I just had no confidence.

Home Workout
Home Workout

BUT I knew I had to make a change. I ended up about 18 year old and at my heaviest yet. I was tired of feeling tired, bad, sad…so I decided I would make a change. I started to eat healthier…I started to feel better…so I started to walk with my dog. It made me feel more confident, I was just another person out walking the dog…then I started running….then I was unstoppable. I started to lose weight and realize I didn’t need a gym, but I also knew I needed more than running. Finally, I was able to start college and moved in with my Dad, who started to teach me I could do a home workout, and get just as good results as a gym workout. My home workout would consist of 30 minutes of push ups, squats, mountain climbers, sit ups…usually in a circuit format that left me out of breath and sweaty. I would do this in the garage, or often times I would drop down right in front of my bed and get it done in my room. The pounds came off, and stayed off for about 4 years…without ever stepping foot in the gym.

Now, it wasn’t always easy! Sure it can be tough to look around your room, house, etc. and see you comfy bed, TV, couch and still say, “HEY LETS DO THIS”.

Sometimes I didn’t want to, sometimes I didn’t. But almost all the time I DID!


Here are my tops tips to stay motivated for your daily home workout.


1. Write down your goals, have a timeline, and look at them daily. Have clear goals, and make them something more meaningful than “I want to lose 20lbs” in 6 weeks. Instead, what about “I want to feel healthier and happier” at the end of 6 weeks.


2. Plan your home workout time daily.Don’t leave your workouts up to chance, know when you are going to do them, and try to get into a daily routine. This will help you stay on track, treat them like any other appointment you would not miss.


3. Know what home workout you are doing to do. If you are unsure about what workout to do that day, you might start searching the internet, which could lead to browsing, with could lead to 30 minutes of Facebook searching! Then your time is up and the only workout you got was your thumb hitting the screen. KNOW what workout you will do ahead of time (better yet plan your whole week out) and get it done!

4. Have a dedicated space for your workouts. This one is not always doable, if you have a tight space or a family you might not be able to leave your workout mat, ball, weights if you have them, out all the time. That is fine, but know where you stuff is, know where you will work out, so when you are ready there is no searching for your mat, ball, etc.

5. Have a pre workout routine! I always have to get into the groove, so right before it is time to do my home workout, I turn up the music (head phones if needed), start dancing around and pumping myself up while I fill up my water bottle, put on my inside only workout shoes (a must) and a CUTE workout outfit, and get my mat, ball, etc. together. By the time I am ready to start, I am so pump and ready to go!

There you have it, my tops tips for how I stay motivated to do my home workout. Now, write down your goals, plan your times, plan your workouts, know the where, turn up the music, and get StarrFit!

Home Workout
Home Workout

This is why I became a personal trainer, this is why I started my online boot camps! To show other women, you don’t need to gym to get healthy, happy, and StarrFit! Want to do it with me?

Need a quick, effective home workout plan to follow?? Need some extra motivation, someone to show you the moves, to support you along your program?

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Home Workout
Home Workout

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