Home Workouts

Home Workouts

How to put together home workouts
that will help you lose weight!

There are so many options for home workouts but do you know how to put together good home workouts that will be effective for weight loss?

Start with the basics!

First, your own body weight is all you need for your home workouts. Keep it simple and focus on movements that use all the large muscle groups, use little rest time, and always add in a cardio movement to get your heart rate up. Also, for an extra fat burning affect and to keep your heart rate up, do your workout in a circuit. I lost over 80lbs with home workouts that used only my body weight, so I know you can too!

For example, here are 2 great home workouts that use only body weight but will blast fat and build strength!

Full Body #1

Try this quick home workout with moves from my online boot camps! 5 rounds: 20 back lunges, 20 punch jumps, 20 squats with high knee, 20 clapping incline pushups, and 20 standing side crunch.

Full Body #2

Try this quick at home workout with these moves from one of my online boot camps! It will make you sweat! 5 rounds: 5 power jumps, 10 pushups, 20 switch kicks, and 30 single leg lifts (dog optional), 40 jumping jacks!

So, if you are a busy mom, have a busy job, or even traveling you can get in a great fat burning workout at home!
Check back for more home workouts, tips, and tricks!

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