How to Make Healthy Habits That Last

Getting healthy can be hard, especially if you have been living your life unhealthy for some time.

I went from junk food junkie/couch potato, to healthy personal trainer in about 5 years.
The first few years were simply learning healthy habits, losing weight, and getting myself in shape.
After that, I was hooked and fitness became my life. But it was not overnight, it was not easy to start.

In order to get in shape and get healthy, you really have to make a decision to do it and do it all the way. Don’t think, I will diet until I reach X weight, you have to be ready to stay, I am changing my lifestyle! Make healthy a consistency, daily, lifestyle habit if you want to be fit, healthy, and happy.

Here are my top tips to make healthy a habit!

Be ready for the long haul, not the quick sprint.

Quick fixes, instant results, rapid progress….is not the answer or the way to get lasting results.
I know, we want change, results, and progress NOW, we don’t want to wait to see results.
Again, this is where you have to be ready for the real lifestyle change, not the quick fix.

Losing weight, changing your lifestyle, and getting healthy IS NOT easy. Trust me, I had slip ups and fell off the wagon a few times in the beginning. However, when I started focusing on the lifestyle instead of the results, I started to get healthy. When I stopped focusing on losing weight, and started focusing on being healthy on the daily, I got results!

You don’t have to be perfect.

So many times in the beginning, I thought I had to be perfect. All or nothing, right? For instance, if I wanted to eat healthy I had to eat completely 100% healthy that day, because if I had one cookie I ruined the day so I just gave up and ate bad the rest of the day. THIS IS SO WRONG! You don’t have to be perfect or use an all or nothing approach. Do your best and healthiest as often as you can, and anytime you are not perfect or get off track, don’t let it ruin your day/progress. Don’t even stress over it, just keep on going and staying healthy. Transitions that are slow are more likely to have lasting effects!

Think about how you FEEL.

When you commit to making a change, it is going to take time to see results. It is going to take time to get healthy, happy, and fit. If you are focusing on the scale, weight, etc. you might get discouraged. Instead of that, focus on how you are feeling! How do you feel after that workout? How do you feel after a few weeks of eating healthy and working out? More energy? Stronger? Accomplished? Focus on those feelings, not the scale or weight progress. I promise you, results will come if you do this consistently!

Take baby steps!

If you try to overhaul your whole life at one time, you can get discouraged. Maybe you can’t do a full meal prep, maybe you can’t do 5 workouts a week…that is okay! That doesn’t mean you cant make changes. Focus on doing making one healthy changed at a time. When I first started, my main goal was no soda and walking everyday. That right there helped me lost my first 40lbs. So, start slow and you will get there!

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