Maintaining weight loss

Maintaining weight loss

Congratulations! You have set a goal, changed your life, and reached your weight loss goals. That is amazing!

Now, you don’t want to gain the weight back, fall back into your old ways, or lose your new found health.

Lucky for you, losing weight and keeping weight off are pretty much the same! A healthy lifestyle, that includes working out and healthy eating is all you need to stay the course.

So here are some tips for managing your weight successfully:

  • Don’t go back to old habits. Did you eat a lot of fast foods? Sodas? Sweets? After you go without for so long it can be tempting to say, “Oh I will just have one bad meal”, “One soda can’t hurt”, etc. You are right, 1 treat will not hurt, but be sure not to fall back into your old ways! You made a lifestyle change, don’t forget that and catch yourself before a slip becomes a fall.
  • Keep track of your progress, even after goals are met. Maybe you use a calendar or a notebook to record your progress. Keeping a food/exercise log is a great thing to do, either a calendar where you can check off days that you worked out/ate healthy, or a notebook where you write down your daily healthy eats/workouts. Take a monthly progress picture too, and write down new goals for each month. You’re more likely to be successful if you continue to keep track.
  • Keep moving! Stay active. Make workouts and fitness a daily part of your life, aim for a few intense workouts a week, then also try to walk, swim, bike, etc. daily. Do something active that you love, and you will stick with it. Once you’ve lost weight, your body burns fewer calories than it did when you were heavier – so stick with your exercise to burn calories and keep your weight off.
  • Know your healthy, happy weight! Sometimes we reach or have a goal that might be too low for us to stick with healthily. This is difficult to maintain. I love the way I look when I really diet down to a certain lower weight, but I know I am happiest when I just live a healthy, active lifestyle and let my body be a healthy, natural weight. So don’t obsess over the scale, don’t obsess over “having abs”, find a weight you are happy with and that doesn’t leave you obsessing over every bite of food and not living your life.
  • Reward yourself with new clothes that fit your new healthy body, and ditch the stuff that is too big. You deserve new shoes, maybe get a new hair cut, something that makes you feel even better.
  • Don’t forget where you came from, you have accomplished a lot! I compare my monthly progress pictures to my “before” pictures, this just reminds me, even on days that I don’t feel “perfect”, I am healthy, happy, and have come a long way.   You have empowered yourself, made yourself healthier, and that is amazing.

    Fitness motivation
    Fitness motivation

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