Meal Prep Ideas

Meal Prep Ideas

Let’s face it ladies, life is busy, busy, busy! To take some stress out trying to stay on track with your weight loss goal – meal prep! There are lots of meal prep ideas out there. It saves you time, make it easy to stay on plan, and removes excuses!

First, pick a day or two to do your meal prep. I will brain storm meal prep ideas that morning, make my list, shop, then that night I do my meal prep.  I usually grocery shop a day or so before and do my actual prep on Sunday night.

meal prep ideas
meal prep ideas

Snacks, lunch, and dinner are usually what I prep, I keep breakfast simple with Shakeology!

I meal prep/plan out my weekly meats, carbs, veggies/fruits, and fats.

• My most used meats:
Boneless skinless chicken breast
Lean ground turkey
Lean turkey burgers
Low sodium deli meats –I separate into zip locks for grab n go portions
Steaks – I will place into zip locks/marinate for dinners
Eggs (I hard boil enough for the week)

• Don’t eat meat?
Veggie Burgers
Beans (black beans, garbanzo beans, kidney beans, etc.)

• My most used carbs:
Sweet potatoes – I will bake a few for lunches, then have some left for dinners
Brown Rice – I will cook a bag and have it portioned out for lunches/dinner
Quinoa – I will cook a bunch for lunches/dinner
Ezekiel Bread/Whole wheat bread/wraps – perfect for lunches
Spaghetti Squash –as noodles for spaghetti, or add some healthy dressing/meats for a lunch

• My most used veggies:
Spinach/Kale – chopped for salads
Frozen veggies – just steam for dinner
Green beans- I will cook and have for ready to go dinner side
Tomato’s, mushrooms, carrots, cucumbers – chopped up and ready to add to salad

• My most used fats:
All natural almond butter
Almonds – in single serve zip lock baggies

So, there you have a ton of meal prep ideas.

meal prep ideas
meal prep ideas

After I go to the store and have everything I need I will:
• Cook meats – Usually I cook enough chicken for the week. I will grilled chicken and turkey burgers to have for lunches. Then I will have some steaks marinating for dinner, fish, etc. so not every meal needs to be reheated. Even when we cook dinner, it is all great to do.

While we are grilling, I will make a of brown rice and/or quinoa. I will also have ready to bake some sweet potatoes, whole or sliced  for ready to homemade sweet potato fries.

Then, again while meat/carbs are cooking I will take my veggies/fruits, I chop everything, have it all ready for grab and go salads/sides.

That is my basic meal prepping routine! I hope this gave you some good meal prep ideas.

meal prep ideas
meal prep ideas

Taking a little time one day a week can save you a lot of time, and excuses throughout the week!

meal prep ideas
meal prep ideas

Need some help with a simple, easy, complete breakfast? Try Shakeology for breakfast!

I have been using it for almost a year, I never miss my morning breakfast shake. I am a busy girl, and in the morning I need my healthy eating to be easy and quick – it takes me 2 minutes to throw everything in the blender, blend it up and drink! Then I’m full, satisfied and energized all morning!!

Shakeology is not only an amazing meal replacement shake, but it is loaded with high quality protein, antioxidants, pre and probiotic/digestive Enzymes, and more. It is one of the highest quality meal replacement shakes, with no wheat, soy, gluten, artificial colors/flavorings. It is perfect for busy women like us who don’t have time to get in a balanced breakfast. For myself, and my clients it has helped reduce cravings, increased energy, lowered blood pressure/cholesterol and improves digestion. If you want to order samples, or a 30 day supply fill out the form below or go to:


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