StarrFit 4 Week Online Boot Camp

My 4-week online boot camp is a program I run each month to help busy women workout from home and learn healthy eating habits. You get effective fat burning and muscle toning dumbbell only workouts, a healthy eating challenge with recipes, daily accountability, and support.

Join our group and get the workouts you need to get in shape and the motivation you need to get it done!

  • Effective home workouts – all you need is a set of dumbbells and about 30 minutes a day
  • Healthy eating challenge – simple healthy eating rules to follow with recipes, meal prep help, and more
  • Accountability – private accountability group where you check-in daily with me and our online boot camp group
  • Support – motivation, recipes, and learning in our online boot camp group
  • Results – workouts that burn fat and tone muscle in about 30 minutes a day

All this plus more for just $30 for the full 4 weeks! Spaces are limited so be sure to sign up today to secure your spot for the next month. Each month you can join again and get an updated plan to continue if you need ongoing support and workouts.

*Boot camps typically run monthly, fill out the form below to find out the next start date.

This is not a quick fix plan, this boot camp will teach you how to workout effectively at home to get real, lasting results. I lost 80lbs and changed my life, all at home with limited equipment before becoming a trainer. I have struggled with learning how to workout and eat healthy, and now I will help show you the way.

If you are ready to get in shape and get healthy at home, join us!
Fill out the form below to sign up.

How it works: You will be emailed a four-week at-home workout plan, all you need is a set of dumbbells. Each workout comes with an exercise video link to show you to complete all the moves and modifications. No guesswork, you will know exactly what to do each day. You do these workouts on your OWN schedule, then check in with our support group.

You also get our online boot camp healthy eating challenge. This challenge will help you create healthy eating habits to last with tips, recipes, meal prep help, plus more.

Along with your workout plan + healthy eating challenge, you’ll get access to my private Facebook support group, every day I make an accountability post where you check-in after your workout. I will also share articles, motivation, recipes, and more with this daily accountability post.

You follow the workout plan on your own schedule, you do not have to do it at a set time each day, you do it on your own schedule but you still have the daily support and check-ins of the group.




Results from my previous online boot camp programs: