Staying Motivated To Workout

My Tips For Staying
Motivated To Workout!


Keeping up with your workout program is key to staying healthy, fit, and on track. Working out helps you stay strong, reduces stress, improves your mood, increases energy, fights disease, and the benefits go on and on. You will reap these benefits if you stay consistent with weekly workouts, but I know it can get tough to find motivation to stay on track…even when you know how good workouts are for your body. When you find yourself skipping workouts, lacking motivation, and just not feeling interested in your workout plan…it is time to get refocused.

These are my top tips for staying motivated:

Try something or somewhere new!

When I am not looking forward to hitting the weights or the trail, I think of something else to get me excited to workout. A boxing workout, jump rope, swimming, yoga, even going on a bike ride…something to change it up but keep me sweating. Or if I am dreading hitting the gym or my home gym for a workout, I know it is time to take it elsewhere, time to move outside, to the beach, or even just the backyard to break the boredom.

Set a new goal!

Maybe you have reached your weight loss or fitness goal, so your motivation starts to slip away. Time to set a new goal, something you can work towards and be excited about. Maybe you have a goal of doing 20 push-ups at once, running a race, or beating your own best strength goal…whatever it is write it down, share it with someone or everyone on FB (make your goal and yourself accountable), and set a date to work towards!

Treat yourself!

But not with food. Think cute new workout clothes, a pedi, a massage, a cool heart-rate monitors, or some type of other exercise gear that can make your workouts more fun and challenging. A bosu ball, punching bag, etc.

Track your progress!

Keep track of body and fitness progress with a workout log (tracking workouts, weights used, time, etc.) this allows you to keep track of your goals, monitor your progress and adjust your routines as necessary. Even after you reached a goal, keep tracking progress. Make sure you are maintaining if you are not working towards a goal, and set a new fun goal to reach.

Don’t stress over a skipped session!

We all miss workouts, it happens. Don’t let a few missed workouts turn into a month of missed workouts, that is when progress is LOST!

Take a break!

Sometimes if you have been really working out hard, really going all out, taking a break can be good. That doesn’t mean take a month off or lie on the couch for a week, but take a week off to walk, bike, stretch, and relax. I usually plan this during my vacations…but you can do this as needed. Use your week to get prepared to start a new workout plan, set new goals, and get excited about getting back into your fitness.

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