Workouts for Women

Workouts for women who want to be lean and toned!

Ladies, if you are after that lean, strong, toned look you can’t be afraid to lift weights! Now, I am not saying you need to hit the gym every day, you can grab some dumbbells and still workout at home…but I have found that it pays off to add some lifting into your routine.

I have found that the main areas that women want to tone are the arms, abs, and butt. Workouts for women who want to tone up these areas should include some weight lifting to get the best results. Don’t be scared to go a little heavy, you will not bulk up! You will however lift and firm those areas, look and feel better. There is no point in lifting weights lighter than your purse ladies!
Now, here is just an example of workouts for women who are trying to tone the arms, abs, and butt. This comes from my brand new 6 week online boot camp. Now, grab some dumbbells, and let’s lift!

Now, you want to focus on those problem areas but you also work every other muscle group. You want to reshape, strengthen, and tone your whole body to look and feel the best you can.

Workouts for women
Workouts for women

If you are looking for workouts for women make sure that any plan you’re following is giving you a good combination of weights, cardio, and rest.

This plan is 3 days of training:

You will perform 3 full body workouts that train the whole body in order to build strength while you burn fat. Use your bodyweight and free weights, and you will do 3 days of full body weight training circuits. Training in circuits will give you a cardio component, and keep your workouts short and effective. Rest 1 aim after each round, but try to go from exercise to exercise with little to no rest.

Monday: WORKOUT 1
5 rounds of:
20 sumo squats
20 chest press
20 front lunges
20 bent over row
10 burpees

Wednesday: WORKOUT 2
5 rounds of:
20 goblet squats
20 chest fly
20 back lunges
20 renegade rows
40 mountain climbers

Friday: WORKOUT 3
5 rounds of:
20 dumbbell squats
10 pushups
20 side lunges
20 1-arm rows
40 jumping jacks

There you have it! A sample of different workouts for women that are looking to blast fat and get in shape.

Workouts for women
Workouts for women

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Workout Routines

What are the best workout routines for fat loss?

workout routines
workout routines

There are many different kinds of workout routines. Some people run, lift, workout at home, etc. and every one of those options can be great. However, as a personal trainer I have found that there are certain workout routines that are more effective at fat loss.

No matter if my client is looking to lose 10lbs or 100lbs there are some similarities in which workout routines works best for fat loss. So, what kind of workout routines should you be doing?

The ultimate workout routine for losing fat is to do a mix of body weight strength training, weight training, and cardio. I think that everyone should add in body weight training as it is so important for strength, endurance, and helps you with weight training gains. Then, weight training in the rep range of 8-15 reps with heavy-moderate weights is the best way to build muscle, burn more calories, and ramp up your fat loss. Finally, adding in cardio, preferably in the form of HIIT and done early AM or post weight training will be the last piece in your fat loss workout routines!

I set clients up on a 2 day weight training, 2 days HIIT cardio, and 1 day bodyweight training for their workout routines. The cardio can be done after the weight training, or early AM any day of the week. The bodyweight training should be done on a non-weight training day.
Then you can focus on 2 heavy-moderate full body lifting days for maximum calorie burn during your lifting. You can add in 2 cardio days in the morning, afternoon, or post weight training depending on your schedule. Then, fit the body weight training between weight training session, and you don’t have to hit the gym to get that workout done.

Here is an example of a week of training from one on my clients, who happens to be a busy full time working Momma:

Monday – Cardio in the am, 20 minutes of HIIT on the elliptical she has at home
Tuesday – Heavy weight training for 60mins in the gym with me
Wednesday- 25 minutes body weight training done at home via T25 workout DVD
Thursday – Heavy weight training for 60mins in the gym with me
Friday – Cardio in the am, 20 minutes of HIIT outside as a run with the kiddos in the stroller

Here is another example of a week of training from one on my other clients, a busy full time teacher who also works on the weekends as a waitress:

Monday – Cardio, 30 minutes of HIIT via Insanity Max workout DVD
Tuesday – Heavy weight training for 60mins in the gym with me
Wednesday- 30 minutes body weight training done at home
Thursday – Heavy weight training for 60mins in the gym with me
Friday – Cardio, 30 minutes of HIIT via Insanity Max workout DVD

And there you have it! Two full workout routines, both that fit busy schedules and are designed to blast fat!

Now, it is important that you also stick to a healthy fat blasting diet to get the best results from your hard work. Healthy diet, combined with any variation of these fat blasting workout routines will leave you summer ready and fit in just a matter of weeks!

workout routines
workout routines

Need help creating your own workout routines? I can create personalized workout routines for any schedule and situation. Fill out the contact form below to get yours today!


workout routines
workout routines