Testimonials from some of my amazing clients.
These ladies participate in my online boot camp programs.

“I’m a 30-year-old first-time mommy. I joined StarrFitLife for a few reasons. I was a couple of months postpartum, and I felt stuck in a rut. I was so happy to be a mom, but my body had definitely changed and I felt like I was going to be stuck in all this extra weight forever. I had tried other exercise programs/DVDs in the past, but this time I felt like I needed extra help to get things going. I came by StarrFitLife by fluke, and I’m glad I did. I was interested in joining this program because Idec-jan side liked the idea of being involved in a community, where I’d have other women to support me and hold me accountable. At the end of the day, I know that if I’m not putting in the work then it’s going to reflect in my progress pictures and measurement tracking. I also liked the workout schedule. Alexis makes it easy for women to adjust the program according to their fitness level and time availability. I’ve never been as consistent in my workouts as I have with StarrFitLife. I’ve also learned some key tools when it comes to nutrition. I always thought I knew how to eat healthy, but now I see that there were eating habits I definitely could have improved on. Not only that, but I’m more satisfied with my food consumption now than I have been before. I get cravings from time to time, but I don’t feel deprived or starved like I have before. I feel more educated about what I’m doing with StarrFitLife and more motivated to workout consistently. I’m only a couple months into the program and I look forward to feeling fitter and stronger each month!” – Daisy


I can’t even begin to tell you how packed my schedule is, my month and day in day out. As a business owner, graduate student, single mom, every minute is packed full. It wasn’t till I discovered StarrFit home work10262187_10208476087676848_3566197045022733038_nouts that I started taking care of me! One year later I’m wearing size 5 jeans I never ever thought I could get into, she has taught me effective workouts (yes! All you need is 20 minutes) and simple meal planning to make meals accountable and workable. I think she even saved me from slipping into post funky mom’s depression. The best money I ever invested into myself, I love this program and suggest it to everyone 💕love my StarrFit! – Kas


My name is Melody Blizzard, I’m 49 and joined up with Alexis McLean and StarrFit almost a year ddddddddddand a half ago because I hated going to the gym and couldn’t figure out how to fit fitness into my busy schedule. The workouts in her programs are so doable! They literally take a minimum of 20 mins a day or more depending on your own personal journey. I can do them anywhere even at work. The healthy eating and nutritional tips are easy to follow, make sense and help with creating better habits. And I ABSOLUTELY love the support and accountability the group provides to motivate and inspire me each and every day!

My name is Megan Peters and I am 23 years old. As a new post grad I’m still trying to find my groove in the scary adult world, yes it’s been 10 months since my graduation but with a new city, first real job, trying to be financially independent, taking care of a new dog, and being hours away from family I found it hard to create a routine for myself let alone find time to workout and eat right. I’ve been with this program for 6 months a10150696_1052148764843430_2663507460333267490_nnd the changes are amazing! I’m eating healthier which gives me more energy and even decreased the occasional moodiness. The biggest reason I love this program is because before I thought it was all about the numbers on the scale but it’s not! Alexis teaches you that it’s all about how you feel about you and looking at inches and progress pictures to compare. I’ve lost only 10 pounds in these past 6 months but honestly with the way I look and feel, it feels more like 50. This program works this program truly works! I love Alexis and my StarrFit sisters!

Hi! I’m Megan Norton I’m 23 years old and from Maine. In July 2015 I faced a few scary realities, one was that I was pushing my heaviest weight of about 180 pounds. The second was that I wasn’t going to fit in my wedding dress in a few shorts months and lastly and most scary was that I hated myself and spoke awful about myself and it was effecting my relationship and soon to be marriage. Not only for myself but for my future husband I had to learn to love myself. I had followed #starrfit on Instagram for months and loved watching the easy to follow videos and the success women were having! I decided to cancel my un-used gym membership and join my first 6 week bootcamp with Alexis. These 6 weeks were amindexazing, I stuck to the workouts, ate for fuel and energy and utilized the online support daily! This led me right to my wedding day in October where I was about 15 pounds lighter and never felt so beautiful. Since October I utilized the #starrfit membership for a few more months and loved the daily workouts, recipes and continued support. I have grown SO much since last July that I continue this lifestyle on my own. I’ve learned self love, balance and have completely shifted my mindset on being active and eating healthy. I exercise to take care of myself not torture it. I enjoy being active outside especially disc golfing with my husband, incorporating my interests and hobbies into something more rewarding and taking care of myself along the way. I credit Alexis and #starrfit for finally kick starting this healthier lifestyle. For once in my life I didn’t feel alone with what I was struggling with, I learned that women can be inspiring and motivating and everyone in the group was just that. #starrfitforever

mariaI want to share my progress picture since I started working out with StarrFit, I lost 19 pounds. I went from size 15 to 9 with just eating healthy and working out like StarrFit recommends. I had my moments like everybody and I eat some food I’m not suppose to 😁. As a busy mom who has to work overnight, I was always tired, with no energy, and even though I always wanted to workout, I don’t know how to start. I would sign up at a gym but never go. Then one day a found Alexis McLean and I said “why not, maybe working out at home is for me”! It was the best decision, and ever since then I’m more active with energy and most importantly I am healthy. 😊💪 Thank you ladies in our private group for the support, because you always cheer me up! — Maria



cindy results togetherI joined StarrFitLife online boot camp just a couple of months ago. I am forty-something and found that my weight would increase by 10 pounds for every decade older I was getting and I really missed fitting into my clothes and hated my muffin top. I dreaded getting to my fifties only to increase my weight by another 10 pounds and let the saga continue. I often had no energy and also had trouble sleeping at night.

I decided now was the time to make a change. When Alexis told me that paying attention to my weight was less important than exercise and focusing on eating healthy, I was still doubtful this would work. After all, I wasn’t interested in gaining a bodybuilders body, I just wanted to be thinner. I decided to follow her plan even though I am a busy working mother of 3 almost-grown children. What I really wanted was realistic changes without having to buy a lot of extra special food and not to add to my already busy schedule.

What I discovered is that the food plan really is what I SHOULD have been eating all along and the workouts were done in my home. I wasn’t even wasting precious time driving to the gym and back again. And I love the variety of workouts she has planned each month. The real trick was to find a slot in my day where I could keep my workouts consistently happening. Luckily, the early morning is working very well for me. I’ve increased my reps in the strength training, found that I’m not as winded doing sprints as I once was and I’m stronger.  Guess what? The weight is slowly leaving me and the muffin top is pretty much gone. I just wish I would have had time to actually take the measurements when I began because I KNOW I’ve lost many inches too and would have loved to see that progress on paper as well. My energy has returned and I’m sleeping all the way to my alarm these days.

I can’t say enough wonderful things about StarrFitLife Boot Camp. I’m grateful for Alexis showing me the way to a healthy lifestyle. I really needed this!                       – Cindy

My name is Dea, and I’m a former professional yo-yo dieter!
But really, I have had a less than savory experience with food. Whether it be low carb/no carb, or low fat and very minimal intake leading to intense binge and purge sessions. Along with seeing a food oriented therapist I started to want to be more active. I just didn’t know how to do it or where to start. I’ve actually been following Alexis on Instagram for over a year prior to even looking into her program.
I sat quietly on the sidelines.

I recently got married and right after the wedding I literally gained 10lbs in a month. I had just gone off of my anti-anxiety meds and was getting chubby, it was not good. So about a month ago I reached out to Alexis and expressed desire to join but also that I was scared cause I’m also a notorious quitter. She said there’s no better time than now and to just do it. It really struck me and so I joined and now 4 weeks later I’m already getting leaner! My energy level is through the roof, I’m a morning person even! From working out 5 days a week for 30-45 minutes each time, I’ve gone from little fluff bunny who could barely button her pants to my much happier more lean normally confident self!

I really couldn’t be this consistent without the support and reassurance of the StarrFit group page and all of the cool ass ladies in it that keep me going!


I’m 30. I’m a stay at home mom and homeschooler who puts herself last. I never find time to stick to a workout routine or healthy eating plan. StarrFit has made it easy for me. I’m accountable each day for my workouts, easy recipes are online and shared with the group and that has helped a lot. Not to mention I have my own personal trainer at my fingertips to answer any questions I have! – Hannah

My name is Chelsea Nowell, I am 27 years old and a full time student. I have tried fitness plans in the past but have always struggled. I was tied to the scale and would get discouraged when I didn’t see the results I wanted. Alexis and StarrFit has changed my whole outlook on exercise and eating right. In currently a member of StarrFit online boot camp and I LOVE it. I’m in the first month but I have seen my body transform already. Not only this, I feel better emotionally and mentally. The group on Facebook keeps me motivated, I get excited after my workouts and meals to post about my progress. The women in the group are so supportive and help keep me motivated. If you’re thinking about joining a fitness plan or have done one before and it hasn’t worked, try StarrFit. It’s a life changing and heart changing experience!

My name is Sandy Giustini Triplett, I am 49 years old and I work full time. I have done other Boot Camps in the past in which I really enjoyed but I could not always make the classes because of my work schedule. I found StarrFit and have never turned back. I can workout anytime from anywhere, no more excuses, no judging. Alexis McLean and the ladies in this group have become family. We support, motivate and lift each other up and Alexis keeps us accountable and is always cheering us on. If you are looking to make a lifestyle change, discover healthy, delicious recipes, great workouts and feel great while losing pounds and inches and more importantly, learn self-love, Alexis McLean and StarrFit is where it’s at!