Train smarter, not harder.

You don’t need to spend hours in the gym, running, or spinning to get the results you want.

Train smarter, not harder.


Lose weight, get fit, and do it quick with StarrFit’s fat burning, workouts! AKA: weight training circuits, sprints, and walking.

Studies have shown, this type of quick, higher intensity, training is superior for burning fat, building muscle, and getting fit.

Think about it, how many women do you know that spend hours in the gym each week (usually on the cardio equipment) but can’t seem to lose that stubborn belly fat, or get the toned and lean body they want.

That is likely because they are not working out SMARTER, so they are not getting the results they want.
They might even been doing more harm than good (studies show steady state cardio can increase belly fat!).

Instead of spinning your wheels (literally), this year let’s trainer smarter, get results, and get StarrFit!

The top 3 types of workouts to get you results:
1. StarrFitLife Weight Training Circuits
2. StarrFitLife Sprints/Sprint Alternatives
3. StarrFitLife Leisure Walking

So, what are these and why do they work?

1. StarrFitLife Weight Training Circuits are designed to be full body, build muscling, fat burning fun. Normally done only 3 times a week, for about 30 minutes, these workouts will hit every muscle group (meaning more calorie burn) while giving your muscles the weight resistance they need to grow lean and strong.

2. StarrFit Life Sprints/Sprint Alternatives are designed to blast fat, increase muscle growth, and take less than 30 minutes. Now, if you are thinking….I can’t sprint/run, that is OKAY. Sprints can be done on low impact cardio machines, in the pool, on a bike, etc. So, at any level you can do it. You can also do body weight moves for time, in place of sprints if you are short on space, traveling, etc. Either way you do your StarrFit Sprints, the key is to get your heart rate up to really increase those fat burning hormones. Whatever that means for YOUR level of fitness, you push YOURSELF, and the results will come.

3. StarrFitLife Leisure Walking is designed to help you lose fat, by reducing cortisol levels. Keeping cortisol low and balanced is key to lose fat and being healthy. Taking slow, relaxing walks as often as possible will help reduce this significantly, so aim for at least 3-6 times a week.

These workouts are key to enhancing your body’s fat burning ability, increase your power, and help you get and stay lean. StarrFitLife Weight Training Circuits and Sprints/Sprint Alternatives workouts will help spike your metabolism and help you build muscle more quickly. They burn calories both during and for up to 24 hours afterward.

These combined with your StarrFit leisure walks are a winning combination to get you healthy, strong, and fit!

Check out my YouTube Channel for examples!

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